Monday, February 21, 2011

Breakfast Banana by Satyavati

1 banana cut into 4ths lengthwise then halved
peanut oil (use more than you think you should)
amchur powder at least 2 tsp (be generous. You could possibly use tamarind powder in a pinch.)
garam masala at least 1 tsp
little salt
shredded coconut

So heat up your oil until it's almost but not quite smoking in the pan (I don't deep fry though you possibly could for this recipe.) Lay the banana pieces gently into the pan. You want them browned on both sides. Be gentle when you flip them because they will get quite soft and they do seem to soak up a lot of the oil. Additionally, they tended to stick even in my nonstick frying pan.

Once they've got a bit browny and with the thinnest of crusts on them (the inside will still be mushy so be careful turning them), sprinkle them with the amchur powder. I love amchur and so I used a lot and still could have used more in my opinion. Then sprinkle with garam masala, which I also love. Fry them for just a few more seconds until the spices are cooked and the banana pieces are a bit darker brown. Transfer to the bowl, add just a little salt and top with shredded coconut.

Variation: you could deep fry these if you like. Also, if you wanted to, you could go sweet with this and use cinnamon and sugar. But bananas are inherently sweet and I thought the savory option was a better way to go.

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