Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sandwhich Bread by Rohini

Luiza, yes, all home ground flour. It was about 2 cups of white wheat (prairie gold) and 2 cups of hard red winter wheat, 1/4 c non instant milk powder, 2 t yeast, 2.5 T butter, 2 t sugar, 2 T apple cider vinegar (you may want ...to add more if you aren't using whey), and enough whey to make a nice tacky dough (sorry I am just estimating here with ...quantities, I didn't really measure).

I used the bread machine on the dough setting. (While my 7 yo daughter made dough beside me by hand, telling me how Mother Yashoda and Radharani don't use machines, ha! and how relaxing it really was). Then I put the ready dough into a buttered bread pan, waited till it filled it out nicely, and baked at 380F till nice and brown. The sugar gives it a browner crust, but try not to take it out too soon.

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