Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gnocchi al Sanki

Gnocchi in an alSanki sauce with ‘chicken’, carrots, spinach and mushroom.

1 pack of gnocchi
1 pack of Morning Star ‘chicken’
2 carrots
4 cremini/baby bella mushroom
1 cup of fresh spinach
½ cup of heavy cream
½ cup of parmesan
2 table spoons of Mrs Dash
½ teaspoon of seasoned salt

Start to finish in under 30 minutes. Serves 2.

Take ou...t the chicken from the freezer 1 hour prior to cooking so it can thaw out. If you forget to do so, you can take it out of the freezer and into the microwave for 90 seconds prior to doing the next step. Peel the carrots, and then chop into small pieces along with the mushrooms and chicken. Put ¼ cup of evoo in a frying pan. Heat on med/high for just under a minute. Add the carrots. 2 minutes later add the mushrooms and chicken. Fold everything together adding a little evoo if needs be. Add the Mrs Dash. 3 minutes later add the gnocchi. Stir in 30 second intervals to ensure nothing sticks/burns, and when you see the gnocchi begin to turn golden brown add the spinach, seasoned salt and heavy cream. As the heavy cream diminishes, turn off the stove and add the parmesan. Plate and serve.

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