Monday, February 21, 2011

Spinach & Feta Rolls by Dharma

To do this great recipe that comes from Greece need some Filo Pastry then cook some Spinach this everybody know's how to do!I think so!:)Then mix up the Feta cheese with the Spinach then once you finish to mix it up. Put it in the the Filo... Pastry then roll it.Do a glue with some chickpea flour and water.That you put on the end of the Filo Past...ry when you finished to roll it.Like that the Filo stays stuck together.Then after you fry them in a pan.That's the way i prefer to do them or else you can cook them in the oven.Or else when you try this recipe cook half of them in a frying pan and the other half in the oven!:)

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