Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raw Chocolate Recipe by Keli Cancala

For the raw chocolate lovers :)
This evening we were invited over at Kripamoy pr's and Mother Guru caran padma's house... I made them some lemon zest raw chocolate bars and home made pistachio marzipan filled hearts... it's ridiculously easy to make yet seriously tasty!

The way I make the recipe:
100 g organic cocoa butter,
5-6 tbsp organic raw c...ocoa powder,
2-3 tbsp natural sweetener of your choice,
1 tsp lucuma powder (optional),
2-3 tsp ground almonds (optional but helps with texture),
pinch of rock salt,
and any extra spice or flavours you want to add...

Melt cocoa butter on the lowest heat and mix well all ingredients in order. Put in some mold and then the fridge for few hours.
(Ps: I get my cocoa butter and raw cocoa powder from a wholesaler, that way it's not too expensive...)

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