Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wheat, Avocado & Feta Salad by Dharma

Google isn't me!;)I know how to read english and french but want to give the way i cooked simple and easy it's like when i play guitar everything has to be simple like that everybody understands!:)So here goes my simple recipe.Hope i did a ...good job!:)So for this recipe ( Cook 150g of Wheat"Ebly"cut half of an onion in tiny pieces
Chop up some ...parsley then in a big bowl do a sauce with 2 yogurts&150g of Feta cheese&Squeeze 1 Lemon&Salt&Pepper put the Parsley and the onion and then mix it all up with a fork.Then add the wheat once cooked to the sauce.Then cut 2Avocados&half of a Cucumber in small cubes.Then in a glass put a layer of the sauce,then a layer with the Cucumbers,then a layer of Avocados and then again a layer of the sauce and a layer of the Cucumbers,and layer of the Avocados.Then sprinkle pieces of Feta cheese on top of all this and add some parsley on top!:)
The little bonus is if you don't have any Cucumber or Avocados you can always use tomatoes!:)
This's very easy to cook but very hard to explain how to do iit!lol!:)

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