Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pain de Campagne by Dharma

The recipe that i got on the paquet of flour to do "Pain de Campagne" is 500g of flour for bread,325ml of warm water,1 little spoon and a half of salt and 1 cube of fresh yeast.If you know how to do fresh yeast use it.In the flour that i go...t there's white flour,rye flour,son de seigle and son de blé.
Put in a big bowl,the flour,the salt and mi...x it up.Then do a hole in the flour.Add the yeast and the warm water then mix it up with a spoon in wood for a long time till it gets smooth.Then cover it and let rise for 30min in a warm temperature.
Then on a table put some flour and work out the dough till a beautiful ball.Then put the dough in a plate and cover it again till it rises for 40min.
Heat the oven th°8.Once the dough finished to rise with a knife do little cuts on top of the dough and sprinkle flour on it.
Then put the dough in the oven th°6 and under the plate of bread put another plate with water and let the bread cook till gets golden.I prefer to do buns with the dough instead of just 1 big bread.Good Luck doing your Bread!:)

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