Monday, February 21, 2011

Fudge & Peanuts Mini Cake by Cintamani

So here it is. not accurate recipie with measurement but rather idea how to do it. Bake a sponge cake in muffin's tray. everybody has a recipie for thair own best sponge cake. Cat in 3 layers, Filings are: cream wipped with icing sugar and a spoon od peanut butter added on the end, caramel made of can of condense milk cooked in water for 3 hours (I think every ISKCON devotee knows how to do it, you put a can with sweet condence milk into a pot full of water and boil it for 3 hours)- this caramel is on the top, and other layer is same caramel mixed with mascarpone (1:1) with a little lemon juice to make it thick. You also have to add some peanuts rosted first in oven and crumbled best for caramel layer. it makes cake more crunchy and breaks sweetnes of it. Hope I was helpfull with it. Please belive me it is not my intention not to share recipie with you but I do not have exact one for it. If something is not clear please ask a question and I'll try to answer.

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