Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pop-Corn Caramélisé by Dharma

1/3 of a cup of corn for Pop-Corn 3/4 of a cup of Sucre Roux 90g of Butter 1/4 of a small spoon of Vanille extrait 1 cup of Peanuts griller,Salty 3/4 of a cup of Raisins
Do the Pop-Corn in a pot.Take it off the fire and le...t them cold down on a big plate that goes in the Oven.Start to heat the oven th°6
Put the Sugar,Butte...r,and Honey in a pot and turn it softly for 5 min on small flame till the Sugar goes on top.Then let it cook for 5 min and turn it from time to time with a spoon in wood.Take it off the fire and add the Vanille extrait.
Pour the Caramel on the Pop-Corn that's in the big plate .Put them in the Oven for 5 min.Then take them out the Oven add the Raisins and PEANUTS!:)Then break up the Pop-Corn in small pieces.You don't have to put Peanuts and Raisins in if you don't have any

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