Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Speculation Bubble by Siddhartha

dear friends...

i am posting this here recipe...it's hugely simple and adaptable to all tastes... but this is how i made a very tasty "bubble and squeak" on boxing day 2009...there are no amounts or cooking time...and everyone has a different recipe... you can use freshly prepared ingredients - altho i wouldn't "waste" freshly roasted potatoes on... this (even tho it's divine)

some leftover roast potatoes (the floury/starchy kind) lightly mashed
some leftover carrot/sweet potato/butternut/potato mash (already full of milk and butter)
some left over boiled greens (these were probably brussel tops or spring greens. i like the dark green stuff...wouldn't use spinach tho!) they were already well chopped.
some left over boiled brussels sprouts (mashed)
a huge dollop of salted butter
a little grated mature cheddar (any hard cheese will suffice)
hing/cayenne to taste

put a large dollop of butter in a deep frying pan (i used a 28" non stick saute pan)
make a little medium heat chaunce with a pinch of hing and cayenne.

chuck in your leftover roast potatoes (you could use mashed potatoes) that you have already lightly mashed (nice to have a few lumps of roast potato at the end)... then add the rest of your ingredients... combine all of the ingredients into an unholy pile of mayavadi gorgeousness and make sure the butter is evenly distributed....then pat the mixture down until the base of the frying pan is covered.

the key to cooking this perfectly is to keep on turning the "mixture" as it lightly browns on the underside. once it has browned for the first time, turn it over, then turn the "crust" in on itself...then repeat until you are satisfied (some people like it lightly done, some like it very crusty indeed).

serve it on it's own as a hearty snack, or as side dish to a "dirty great" full english veggie breakfast!!!

make sure you book an appointment with your doctor/health advisor/heart surgeon the next day! (naturally, you can make this a lot healthier. it just won't taste as good!)

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