Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spelt Biscuits by Rohini

One of the best biscuits I've ever made was 1 c whole spe...lt 1 c white spelt 1 stick butter rubbed in (I prefer to have it just a little softened /hard stiff, but rubable/ to cutting it very cold), 1 T sugar, 1T baking powder, 3/4 t salt, and too much whey. It was more like a drop biscuit consistency, because spelt needs less water then whea...t, so I overestimated. Instead of putting more flour, I put a lot of flour on the counter, then on top of the dough, rolled it out thin with a very gentle hand, folded it like you would for puff pastry, did that one more time, then rolled again and cut and bake at 425F (I have a convection oven, if yours is a regular one, you might want to try 450).

Because spelt is so dry, the extra liquid helped it a lot, they were very tender inside, crispy on the outside and super high rising and layered.

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