Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuity Oatmeal Cups by Dharma

I found this recipe funny cause it said express preparation done in 10min if you don't have the time to cook. So did it and it was very yummy! :) Here's the recipe: Boil 30cl of Milk add 4 soup spoons of Quaker Oats and let it heat up for a min then take it of the flame and let it cold down.Found a little trick for it cold down faster.I put the pot with the Quaker Oats in a bigger pot with cold water under like that i could do this recipe faster.Then mix up in a big bowl 300g of White cheese"Fromage Blanc" 1 soup spoon of grated Coconut,1 big grated Apple&4 Soup spoons of Raspberry coulis and add the Quaker Oat .Mix it all up again then pour it in 4 glasses and put slices of Apple on top.My daughter told that she thought that next time i should add another Apple in it.So i'm going to listen to her!:)

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