Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boulettes de Pommes de Terre en Minestrone by Dharmas

So to do this recipe need:250g of Potatoes,250g of Green Peas,2 Carrots,1 branch of Celery,2 Onions,250g of Broccoli,1 Tomato,100g of Flour,4 Twigs of Basil,30g of Parmesan,3 big spoons of Olive Oil,Salt&Pepper ... Cook the Potatoes in water till cook.Put the Tomato in the boiling water of the Potatoes for around 1min then take it out and peel it.Cut it up and put it in a bowl and add 3spoons of Olive Oil,The Parmesan&Pepper and mix it up.In another big pot put the Carrots&Onions&Celery&Green Peas&Salt couver with water let it cook and then add the Broccoli.Once the Potatoes cook peel them.Cut them and put them in bowl and smash them with a fork add the Basil&Salt&Pepper and slowly add the flour.Then put flour on a table and roll small balls.Then put Potato balls in a plate with a little flour like that they don't stuck.Then boil water in a pot and put the balls in the boiling water and once they come to the top of the water take them out .Then once all the vegetables cook.Take the pot of the flame and add the Tomatoes with the Parmesan that's in the bowl.Then add the balls of Potatoes!The first time i did this recipe and it was very yummy!:)

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