Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spicy Basil Tofu a la Geetz

I  never cook with recipes so I don't really have amounts. But I just   drench the tofu in soya sauce, asafetida, cayenne pepper in a frying  pan  (can be very wet cause the soy sauce absorbs in to the tofu). Then I   use LOTS of butter and fry un...til crispy. Once the tofu is pretty  firm and crispy, add pepper until they r cooked. Then the last mi...nute or so add the basil! 
I go overboard on ALL ingredients and it tastes soooo good!!  
The  only trick is it has to be TRUE extra firm tofu, anything else  breaks  apart.... That's usually when I use it as filler for pasta  sauce,  lasagna etc. 

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