Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sour Cabbage Stuffed Rolls By Nirgata Devi Dasi

This was a BIG pot.And measurements are approx.

You need one sour cabbage.

On little bit oil put 300g cutted carrots,3 cutted capsicum,celery root(not much) and salt.Stir until soft-you can add just a little water).Add coriander leaves,paper and sweet paprika.bzzz that.

On the side cook 3 handfulls soya chunks with pinch of salt.when done bzzz that as well.
(you could use soya flaxes or similar then no need for bzzz).

Mix with veggies.

To the mixture add 250g rice.Washed but NOT cooked.

One big spoon of mixture put in one cabbage leaf and roll.And place them in the pot tight next to each other.when you are done add wather so all rolls are nicely covered (approx.three fingers above). Bring it to boil,lower the flame and cook for 1/2 hour.

Take tomato paste/sos (ready made 500g) and same quantity water. (if there is some veggie mix.left over you can add that as well).

Pour it over the cabbige rolls and cook another 15 min.

Usually served with mashed potatoes :)

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