Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Makówka" Polish traditional poppy seeds dessert by Karolina Wieczorek

Vegan and so.. yum!!!

I did a huge quantity this year... 1kg of poppyseeds, 500g dates, 1/2-1 glass of brown sugar or date/agave syrup, 200g of ground almonds, 200g flaked almonds, 1-2litres of unsweetened soya, or any other milk, some plain tea biscuits/cookies, 3-5big spoons of cardamon or cocoa, and whatever dried fuit and nuts you like...
Cook the poppyseeds with 1,5L milk adding cocoa and sugar after 20minutes, after another 20 adding nuts and dates... You may blend it. If needed add more milk. When its all nice and cooked and it has a consistency of a nice pudding or polenta you layering the cookies and approx 2-3cm of poppyseeds mass. Ideal is to have three layers of cookies or rusks. when it all cools down, put it to the fridge over night and it is fantastic - very rich!! I've also frozen some of the poppyseeds mass and its great with puffpastry etc...

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