Saturday, January 21, 2012

Salty Pancake Variations by Rohini

You just make pancakes, then wrap (smoked and regular mix) cheese into it. You know, like an envelop. Then dip into thin flour-milk mix, then breadcrumbs, then deep fry. Scott Richardson you and Cheryl could easily do this! We usually eat it with a vegenaisse-y dip and chips. Hugarian diet is a bit healthy, you know.

There is another really lovely recipe, when instead of water, you make the pancakes with pureed spinach, so they are beautiful and green. Than you layer them on a fire proof dish with a curdy filling in between them (curd, cheese, sour cream, tiny bit of egg replacer powder without any liquid, salt, nutmeg if you wish), pour sour cream over it all, then sprinkle a little cheese and bake it all till warm, crispy at the edges and oozy wonderful in the middle. Slice like a cake.

I bet you could put a spinach-curd filling into the deep fried ones, too.

Note to Americans: these are the thin, crepe like pancakes, not the puffy griddle cakes of the new continent.

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