Saturday, January 21, 2012

J's Yummy Popcorn by J Waite

So check it out... You need a mortar and pestle. If you grind the nutritional yeast, salt, and sugar to a very fine powder - it sticks to the popcorn MUCH better. I grind each ingredient individually and then create the dry mix. If you don't grind the yeast, salt and sugar mostly sinks to the bottom.

I use 75% coconut oil to 25% butter. I keep the heat medium high and add the butter towards the end so it doesn't scorch. Right before the popcorn is going to start popping I add the turmeric to the oil and swish it around. Make sure you vent the lid as much as possible once it starts popping. As soon as the popcorn gets high enough in the pan remove the lid. Once it's done popping put the lid on and run cold water on the bottom of the pan to cool it down and prevent burning of the dry ingredients coming next. Once pan is cool set it down and remove lid. Take a paper towel and wipe the sides of inside of the pan to remove extra moisture. If you do all these Virgo things the popcorn will be more crisp and crunchy. Now start sprinkling some dry and toss with a spatula. You will notice that your nice finely ground ingredients will stick very nicely and your popcorn will be super yum.

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