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Dauji's Vrindavan Flat Rice

Vrindavan Flat rice

The measurements are not exact but if you know how to cook you can get the idea. Sorry if I was it making soon I would write it down exactly but I don’t have all the ingredients. Hope it helps I like it the way they would serve in the Vrindavan Gurukula with Cuddy some like it with tomato chutney.

• Flat rice (about 2 -3 cups)
• 2 or 3 medium Potatoes ( cut in French fry style thin finger chips)
• Cauliflower (cut small about same amount as the potatoes)
• Handful of peanuts (roasted or fried)
• Frozen peas (optional) they don’t do this in Vrindavan
• 2 fresh tomatoes cut in small pieces
• fresh cilantro leaves
• fresh ginger
• 1 or 2 chilles seeded and chopped
• Mustard seeds
• Cumin power
• Asafodia
• Tumeric
• Salt
• Curry leaves
• Ghee or coconut oil ( I think enough to shallow fry the potatoes and cauliflower in a nice heavy non stick wock)


If the flat rice is the think kind then wash it well then soak it for about 15 mins or until soft. If it is the thin kind just wash it well no soaking. Drain well.
Then make a chaunce with the Ghee/oil add the Mustard seeds then the powders then add ginger and curry leaves. Add the potatoes then after a few mins add cauliflower fry them until they are golden and soft. Add the flat rice and peas. Mix well and cook for a few mins to let the flavors blend well. Before serving add the tomatoes, peanuts, cilantro and Salt.

Another way you can do it is to deep fry the veges and then just make a chance and add everything, but still don’t add the tomatoes till the end. You may want to skip the tomatoes if your making a tomato chutney.

Krisnamayi adds:

I totally agree with Dauji's recipe EXCEPT in addition for it to taste extra yummy you need to squeeze lemon over it and sprinkle sugar. That is the way they make it in Gujarat and Rajasthan...and it really kicks the taste over the edge.

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