Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tapioca Pilaf by Rasa Cappelletti

It has soaked tapioca, ground up nuts, coconut, lemon, sugar, salt cumin, coriander little bits of fried potatoes and nuts. She used ground peanuts and whole peanuts but I"ve been using ground almonds and cashew pieces. So basically, the tapioca has to be soaked just rite... dry and separated but all the way soaked through. (overnight works well) then all the dry ingredients (nut powder coconut salt and sugar) are mixed in with it... plus a little lemon juice. I start by heating my cast iron pan to just above the lowest setting and put in a little oil (or ghee) and my chopped potatoes. Add in the nut pieces when the potatoes are golden and cooked through, then add in the spices and tapioca mix when the nuts are golden. Mix up and cover. Check it every few minutes and stir it up, recover. It takes a long time but this slow cooking is really the trick. It hasn't turned out gummy this way. I figured out that the nuts and coconut kind of coat each ball and that also helps to keep them from sticking. I"ve found it takes about 20 minutes of paying attention. It is done when the balls are kind of translucent. I like adding fresh danya at the end.

Here is the link to a video that shows the process.

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