Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quinoa extravaganza! by Rohini Dasi

I cooked the quinoa separately, after soaking it for about 4 hours. I used a generous cup of dry quinoa.

I put about a quarter cup ghee in a pot, added turmeric and fried up the curd (made from 2 qt milk). Took them out, fried the keshus, took them out. I put a little more turmeric, about 2 t cumin and ekadasi hing (about 1/4 t). I added 5 medium-small potatoes, cut small, and about half a cauliflower, maybe 2 t ground coriander and fried them up till nicely browned, then poured about a cup of whey on it, added the curd and cashews back, plus salt, then put the lid on. When they were almost done, I took the lid off, added a half of zucchini, cut small and a big handful of raisins and boiled away the liquid. Then added about two handfuls of chopped parsley and the quinoa, stirred it all up and put the lid back on till serving.

Not as involved as it reads, really, make a potato-cauli subji with curd, add cashews and raisins and stir some cooked quinoa into it.

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